Omnitech builds relationships with companies of all sizes, capabilities, and industries to provide software and data engineering services. We are committed to the long-term success of our clients. As we solve short term needs, we think about how to contribute to your long-term strategy. As a Microsoft Gold Partner, we have the knowledge and experience to move your company forward. We deliver engineering solutions tailored to meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

Omnitech continuously invests in our expertise in the field of data and is a Microsoft Gold Partner in Data Platforms and Silver Partner in Data Analytics. Our team is passionately driven to unlock the potential trapped in data to drive company performance or to identify new business opportunities. We understand that data can make a difference in every organization’s strategic planning, profitability, and long-term growth. We are here to help our clients along this exciting path! Omnitech helps clients with a wide range of data needs. We help clients with performance tuning and structural design challenges from high-velocity data like what exists in the world of IoT. We can help design a data warehouse or help iterate through improving failing data jobs or data that is challenging to process. We can also help design software for collecting and moving data around to obtain and analyze deeper opportunities from the collected or merged data from multiple sources. We can even mentor or perform the role of DBA for clients. Our team is diverse and we leverage each other to deliver strong results.


Do you need to jump-start a new initiative, have regular maintenance that does not require a full-time engineer, or require a knowledgeable partner to help your team push past a roadblock? We offer staff augmentation services that will bring experience directly into your environment. Staff augmentation enhances your environment by increasing your team’s technical edification through knowledge retention and engagement. We only use full-time employees for our staff augmentation service, and our team is regularly engaged in continuing education, development, and mentorship. Our investment in a learning environment guarantees a team-based approach to problem solving and development. With daily learning through exercises, such as code reviews and experience sharing, not only are you getting access to high-end software and data engineering talent but access to a team with decades of industry experience.


Omnitech has been creating custom software across diverse industries since 1998. We believe software should complement business, not drive it We have the rare combination of engineers who know how to engineer software and understand business, allowing us to create tailored business solutions. As a Microsoft Gold Partner in Application Development, we are a team committed to delivering consistent and reliable results. Omnitech is dedicated to helping a wide range of clients – no matter the problem, we are confident we can develop a beneficial solution. With software focused on creating innovative approaches to processes and communication, we create solutions delivered directly to your mobile device or desk. Quick access to information is critical to business, and with responsive design in mind, you can access your information when and where you need it. In any development effort, there are different skill sets needed to ensure a successful project. This fact is why we’ve invested in our Quality Assurance, Project Management, and consultation skill sets alongside engineering so that we can support our clients throughout the entire project. Our clients realize that investing in technology is vital to their business growth, and they recognize that Omnitech can help them reach that next level. With our depth of skills and collection of experiences, we are capable of developing a wide array of technology, from firmware, to services, to responsive design, to enterprise wide solutions.


DevOps is about more than just the project; it’s a collection of talented minds focused on continued strategy, development, testing, and support. Technology isn’t one dimensional and DevOps embraces a team approach to continuously deliver, test, and collaborate providing more successful and consistent results. By having a team committed to engineering software and working together with other information- technology and business professionals, we can accelerate time to solutions while at the same time minimizing waste. Maintaining a software system is challenging. For clients needing more than Employee Augmentation, we offer DevOps. A team will be dedicated to a project from conception to strategy to development and ongoing operations. Our engineers are skilled collaborators that have experience working with diverse teams and consistently delivering positive results. DevOps can be a lucrative solution for both small businesses and large enterprises. It shortens the gap between the roadblocks faced, and solutions created.


User Experience is the driving force behind how users interact with your technology. Whether it’s a user portal, analytics dashboard, web application or website, how people work with your technology is important. Creating an intuitive user experience could be the difference between users smashing their keyboards in frustration or praising your ability to solve their problems. With people constantly on the move, professionals are reliant on their mobile devices, and designing software with a multi-device mindset is a significant user experience consideration. Accessing information and technology on the go helps your team adapt to their evolving environments – no matter the time, place, or challenge. We understand the importance of a mobile workforce and have experience creating solutions with a focus on responsive design that integrates cloud, software, data, devices, and complex hybrid environments.