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The Omnitech internship program helps cultivate an engineering mindset by broadening your technical skills through paired programming, code reviews, lunch & learns, and collaborative skill building… just to name a few. Our inclusive, tight-knit group guarantees daily exposure to engineers with diverse backgrounds that are passionate about what they do and are excited to mentor others on their career path.

Omnitech has opened my eyes to the world of software engineering and has armed me with tools to tackle complex challenges and solve problems for people. In one summer here at Omnitech, I have learned more than I have any other time in three months. I was excited to get to work in the morning and I had fun almost every day doing it!

Jacob West

'20 Intern

One of a kind internship experience.


Omnitech fosters a culture of continuous learning. The internship program reflects this by incorporating multiple phases of learning. No matter what skill level an intern starts out with, they have opportunities to learn at their own pace while being guided by mentors to ensure they are gaining the skills needed to excel during the internship. Interns are exposed to new technologies through the lunch & learns and engage in book clubs to learn how to write clean, understandable, and maintainable code and apply it to daily programming.


Interns aren't expected to know everything as soon as they walk in the door. That's why Omnitech provides mentors, or Sherpas, to guide the interns through the unknown and give them the tools and resources they need to learn as much as possible during the internship. These mentors are available to help in any way throughout the internship. Through close collaboration between interns and their mentors, Omnitech hopes to see interns grow in their technical, professional, and personal lives.

Fun Environment

Besides the exciting day-to-day work, interns have lots of opportunities to build relationships and have fun! Lunch is catered in for the lunch and learns, and the break room is always fully stocked with snacks, drinks, and an endless supply of coffee. Omnitech typically hosts summer picnics and volunteer opportunities to build community among its employees. Interns also get to experience Sioux Falls by taking on an Escape Room together.

Through lunch and learns, book clubs, and spontaneous conversations, Omnitech provides interns opportunities to learn how to engineer effective software, communicate difficult concepts, and solve problems. The internship experience prepared me well for my transition to full-time employment with this great company!

Emily Parks

'19 Intern

Frequently Asked Questions

That is dependent on your university. Ask your advisor for more information.
The summer internship goes from May-August with flexible start and end dates based on the interns. The internship can also extend through the school year.
Yes, housing is provided through the Augustana University Dorms.
Monday through Thursday we are business casual, but on Friday we wear jeans.
Yes, interns receive a competitive hourly wage.

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